Why is it important to eat meals at the same time every day?

There is no doubt that the modern lifestyle has a significant impact on the individual’s meal schedule. If a recent study found that an adult person who works in a field in which there is no system of shifts or shifts is eating at a rate of 4.2-10.5 times per day, and that based on the same study, the period during the day between one hour and six in the evening is the least I witnessed eating meals, and some may be surprised by the importance of providing information related to the dates of meals, but in fact, the timing of meals has a great impact on the so-called biological clock, and this may lead to the possibility of chronic diseases.

It is advised to eat at the same time every day because this helps in burning fat better in addition to many other benefits.

After a busy and full day, you may skip meals, or eat them at late times, making it difficult for you to eat at the same time every day.

This has negative effects on health, which reduces the chances of losing weight, and also increases the possibility of developing certain diseases such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Why is it important to eat meals at the same time every day?

Eating meals at the same time every day has several benefits for the general health of the body, including:

It reduces the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure
, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. For people who stick to eating meals at specific times.

Helping to increase the metabolism rate and thus fat burning:
the body is ready to gain or lose fat after exercising, and is also ready to gain or lose muscle during specific times of the day, and eating meals at the wrong times of the day destroys the effort to exercise.

Increase metabolism and burn fat

Eating inconsistently every day affects the metabolism and processing rate of fats or sugar and cholesterol in the body.

Once this process is disrupted by changing the dates of food and eating it randomly every day, the risk of weight gain increases and body parts malfunction.

If you eat at a specific time every day, your metabolism will increase and you will be able to lose more weight.

Control of appetite

The human body has an internal clock, which signals hunger when it is time to eat

And when you eat at the same time every day, you will not feel hungry between meals, because the body gets used to these times, and therefore you will not have to eat large amounts of food.

But if this time is different, the feeling of hunger will increase because the mealtime comes without eating it.

Ways to help you eat at the same time every day

Through some ways, you can keep eating at the same time every day, namely:

Waking up at the same time every day:
When you wake up at the same time every day, this way you will be sure that you will eat breakfast at the same time, and this applies to lunch and dinner. Over time, this will become my daily lifestyle, and you will easily get used to it.

It is advised to wake up early to eat meals at the optimal time, so breakfast is at nine in the morning, lunch at three in the afternoon, and dinner at seven in the evening.

Eating fruits and vegetables when feeling hungry:
If you feel hungry at a time different from the time of the meal, it is recommended to eat a fruit or vegetable to curb the appetite until the time for the meal.

In general, it is recommended to divide the food into 5 meals throughout the day, three main meals at the dates mentioned above, and between each meal and the other we eat a snack that contains vegetables and fruits. This will ensure that you never feel hungry throughout the entire day.

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