The story of the terrifying Robert doll that created the controversy

Robert: The story of the Robert doll dates back to 1904 AD in Florida, where a couple lived in a luxurious house on Key West Island and they had a child named Robert Eugenie Otto, the story says that the family used to use an old nanny from the Bahamas to take care of their child. The mother decided to expel that maid. This maid, who was known to do strange things, was considered by her fellow servants as some black magic rituals . She made a doll and gave it to the child Robert and named it in his name .

Robert the doll was a source of confusion for the child’s parents, as he began to hear the voice of a second person talking to their child in his room, and when the child was asked , he was referring to the doll and after a while the voices came out when he was cursing the fight , and the child claimed at that time that the doll wanted to assault him and she was the one who started the fight, and these incidents were not Al-Gharbia was the last thing that the spouses and servants monitored, but the matter went beyond their home so that the neighbors started talking about a doll wandering around their homes and in the garden of Robert’s family home, which prompted the family to differentiate between the doll and the child, as they put the doll in the attic and prevented anyone from approaching or opening the attic door in any case . Of adverbs.

For a long time, even after the child grew up and got married and had a family and children , no one dared to open the attic or approach it and it remained closed, and Robert the owner of the house died in 1972 without knowing what happened to his doll that his parents had locked up since his childhood .

After a period of the death of the owner of the house, it was sold, and it seems that the new owner did not know the story of Robert and why the attic was closed to him, so he opened the attic, and Robert found the doll sitting on a chair next to the window as if he was looking through the window to the inside, and it is strange that he claimed that the doll was clean and did not accumulate dust on it Her clothes were also new , and immediately the daughter of the new owner took her and she was 10 years old and it was only days before she began to complain about the doll’s attempts to sabotage her room and assault her, which prompted the family to dispense with her .

Robert settled the doll in an American museum and does not know if it was the new owners of Robert’s house who gave it to the museum or another person who is a collector of historical and strange dolls, and after a period of this doll’s presence in the museum, his guards began to complain about strange movements and sounds emanating from it , which made the museum management It searches in its history and when it was concluded that it may be haunted or enchanted, it was placed in a sealed glass box and is still present in that box , and any visitor can take pictures of it, as there are thousands of pictures and tens of films recorded about it spread on the Internet .