The scariest 10 hotels ever

At a time when hotels are a safe place for travelers, some other hotels are not like this, especially for those who believe in ghosts and scary stories, and in our article titled The 10 Most Horrific Hotels Ever, we show one of the most popular hotels around which many myths and ghost stories revolve.

The scariest 10 hotels ever .

10 . Arms Hotel .

This hotel was built on top of one of the children’s schools that were exposed to the burning, and so far many people have lived some nightmares in this place and one of them says that I felt every time that someone came to the bed and took off the cover from me while I was asleep.

9 . Marshall House.

In the first it was a hospital during the civil war, and then on some occasions many of the guests of this hotel said that they felt strange things running around them, and some people saw Bam Ain’s creatures they had never seen before.

8 . Vermont .

In this place, years ago, a bride died on her wedding night, and even this time many people believe that he sees her roaming the place every night wearing a white wedding and many have believed that.

7 . Mesba Hotel .

Some hotel visitors say that every night they hear the doors shut on their own, and what makes people fear even more is that in this place a prostitute was killed, who is said to be the one who roams the place at night.

6 . Saint Augustine Inn .

In this place some people lived very harsh experiences. Someone said that on the first night he heard some frightening sounds and said that he was afraid even to shower after all he heard.

5 . The Queen Anne Hotel .

It was a school and then it was turned into a hotel, but it is said that the principal did not leave the place, and the visitor says that he watches the furniture move on his own every night.

4 . The Bicester Hotel .

All that is said about this place is scary, including hearing the noise in the same room, knocking on the door without finding the knocker, and the TV broadcasts were cut off for no reason.

3 . The Battery .

Despite the number of small stories, they are very frightening, as one of the residents said that he saw a person roaming the place and did not know who he was, and it is strange that it was a human body without a head.

2 . The Bourbon Hotel .

A hotel was a hospital at one point, and many visitors said that they heard a person playing with a ball in the hallway, and others saw a little girl wandering around.

1 . Del Coronado Hotel .

Since the death of a man near the hotel on the beach, many say they see someone roaming the place at night, and even being in the hotel at midnight.

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