The most feared animal that has passed through history

Terrifying animals have been mentioned a lot in history books over the past years, for those animals that humanity knew and did not have a presence in our world today constitute a great mystery about them and their complete disappearance and nothing remains of them except skeletons, and some of the old parts and the stories that revolve around them, and it is worth noting  Here, despite the presence of some animals that pose a danger to human life in our present world, they did not constitute a dangerous percentage compared to those that have become extinct from our world today, which we will show you some of them in the next few lines.


 The most terrifying animal


One of the most famous terrifying animals, Dynosux, is one of the types of crocodiles known in the past, and it has not found a trace in our world today. This type of crocodile dates back to the Cretaceous era, so the Crocodile Dynosux is one of the largest crocodiles known throughout history, which reaches a length of about twelve meters. In addition to its weight, which is ten tons, and it is worth mentioning here that it is considered n crocodiles that resemble those that exist in our world today, in addition to the huge teeth that cause terror and fear when looking at them, while the skin and bones of the crocodiles are distinguished by their armored and strong form, for that type of crocodile It is able to fully attack all kinds of prey and kill it due to its supernatural internal strength, and the Dynosox crocodile has been identified from the fossils that have been found, which indicates the magnitude of the crocodile, as well as the teeth and bones included in it, which are very similar to Bones and teeth of dinosaurs.

The bear is short in stature

One of the most famous terrifying animals is the short-faced bear, also known as Arctids Sims, one of the extinct mammal species, which has not become monsters in our world today. It was known for its original home in North Africa, and it is one of the types of animals that spread in the ice ages. Other mammals because it is up to 4.6 meters, and its weight may reach a ton, and it is worth noting here that this type of animal was known in the past to be carnivores, which increased its danger for being a predator, as scientific studies and discoveries made by scientists have proven Archeology, that the short bear is one of the species of animals that have been extinct from our world a short time ago, and there are still some of its remains that enable scientists to determine all the information related to it.


The Giant Super Lizard

One of the most terrifying animals is the giant lizard, which is famous for the name of the Megalania lizards, the most extinct and frightening vertebrate because of its magnitude, its length is about seven meters, while it weighs about 620 kilograms, so this type of lizard is considered one of the types of poisonous lizards, whose danger has increased to the degree of its high toxicity By secreting it through the mouth, scientific research indicates that if this lizard continued to exist on the planet, it would not keep the creatures, and it would have killed them in viciousness by the toxic substance coming out of them.


One of the most famous terrifying animals is the Gorgonopsid animal, one of the most famous types of animals that appeared in ancient times, which dates back to Permian times, so this animal is considered one of the animals that have spread in the movies, but it displays images different from its reality, despite its length of six meters, but it It is considered one of the most fearful and predatory animals, and it is one of the animals that appeared before the appearance of dinosaurs, one of its most important characteristics is that it includes dead teeth that can strongly confront its prey, in addition to that also it is considered one of the fast animals in its movement, unlike other animals, and it is worth Also mentioning is the Gorgonopsid animal, one of the mammal species known for its distinctive and furry shape.

Terrifying bird

One of the most famous terrifying animals is the terrifying bird, one of the extinct animal species, which has not become a presence in our world today, that which is famous for its phoroshesides, which is its main location in South America, so the terrifying bird appeared in ancient times, those dating back to the Pliocene eras and also the Pleistocene eras that passed by Thousands of years, one of the most important information that was known about the terrifying bird that made it strange in its nature was that it was one of the birds that could not fly due to its enormity, but it could run very quickly, as the length of Vorushasides reached about three meters, while its weight was close to half a ton, these birds It was known to be dangerous because it attacks its prey, killing it in a few moments and swallowing it, whatever its size.



The most famous terrifying animal of the Azhdarchids is one of the ancient types of pterosaurs, of which only skeletons remain, which are not widely available, and also the stories and tales that are filled with ancient books, so aspenosaurus is one of the types of birds known for their large and gigantic size that frightens those who view their ancient images, so they include these birds On huge wings to reach a length of about fifteen meters, and it includes a strange skeleton in its shape represented in the long legs and neck and also its small body covered with large wings, studies have shown that these animals managed to coexist by catching their prey of whatever size, and it is able through Its wings grasp and swallow in short moments.


One of the most famous terrifying animals is Spinosaurus, one of the extinct animal species, traces of which were found in Egypt, during the twentieth century. Paleontologists who specialized in following up the matter confirmed that Spinosaurus is larger in size than the famous Tyrannosaurus T-Rex, but it is worth noting here that they did not They can prove this with certainty by not providing them with information related to fossils as a result of destruction during World War II, but with the development of science and research carried out by scientists, they have confirmed that Spinosaurus is the largest meat-eating dinosaur in terms of size, height and weight, because its length reaches To eighteen meters, in addition to its weight of up to ten tons, and one of its other characteristics is that it included a sail with a height of 163 cm above its back, and studies also proved that the dinosaur Spinosaurus had spent a long time in the water due to the appearance of it. The appearance of its face, and it is worth noting that this dinosaur was known to be one of the most dangerous extinct animals that are able to confront its prey strongly and seize it without any effort or hardship.


One of the most famous terrifying animals, edestus, is one of the types of sharks, known for their white color and huge in size, the fish that resembles the shark fish known in our time, but differs from it in its frightening shape and also its deadly and strong teeth, through which it can eliminate its prey easily, This fish reaches a length of about seven meters, as it is known for its headquarters in the carbonate seas, and one of the most important information related to Edestus is that it is one of the types of fish that have been known to change their teeth regularly through the emergence of new teeth after they push their old teeth naturally, which makes their mouth always full of fangs And teeth, and this increases their danger, so that fish can split any animal into two halves, regardless of its size, as this is very simple in relation to it.


One of the most famous terrifying animals is the Acrophysiter, one of the whales that was known to coexist in the past, as it is one of the famous sperm whale species in our world today, the one that was famous for not facing humans, so it is a fish that is known for its medium size, in addition to coexisting with marine mammals, which are considered Including sharks, one of the most important characteristics of it is that it is known for its huge teeth, which are its main weapons. It has also been discovered that it dates back to the ancient Miocene eras, those ages that were famous for the wild animals that appeared during them.

These are among the most important types of wild and terrifying animals that became famous throughout ancient times, and were able to achieve great fame in our contemporary world, appearing through historical books and documentaries that embody the lives of those animals that became extinct from our world, and did not exist now.