Terrifying homes Kill, torture, rape…

At the beginning of the current year, the issue of “Turpin” appeared, which made the media use the term “house of terror” again, as it was used to describe homes in which terrible tragedies occurred, from kidnappings and rape to the presence of corrupt bodies, and with this what you see in horror movies may actually happen. In various ways, in the movies you hear about ghost and haunted houses and in fact you see corpses and mentally unbalanced people committing these atrocities.

1- Turbine House – United States

In Berres, California, Turpin had 13 children suffering from food shortages who were often beaten into a dark build and a foul smell from their parents, and were tied in chains, and last January, one of the girls managed to sneak out the window and expose the situation, where she used a plan she had prepared for a while. Two years.

Children were chained for weeks or even months at a time, and they were only allowed to shower once a year, and they were not provided with any kind of entertainment, and the couple used psychological torture methods as they bought and drank food without the children, until the children suffered from the weakness that almost afflicted them. By death.

2- The House of Torture – Italy

A 52-year-old Italian man from Italian “Geseria” isolated a 29-year-old Romanian woman for 10 years and had two children from her. The poor woman lived in a closet in the basement full of cockroaches without water, electricity or a bathroom. She was also exposed repeatedly. They were beaten, tortured and raped, and the two children were forced to watch their mother’s abuse so that they had to participate sometimes, as they did not want to face the beating themselves.

3- The farm house for raping girls

Michel Fornett and Monique Olivier had formed an obsessive alliance through their correspondence while Michel was in prison, and after he was released, they began to carry out rape, murder and torture, as Monique reassured the young girls of her presence while Michel raped and killed them, so that he could kill without being persecuted, He committed his crimes on a farm he bought near the Franco-Belgian border.

4- Great deal – the United States

In 2017, a couple bought a new home in Houston, the place was supposed to be vacant for two years after the former resident Mary Cerruti disappeared, and stopped paying the mortgage in 2015, and they are rarely seen outside the house, but during the investigation the cats were found. The dead body was inside the house, and there was nothing more to it, so the case was closed and the house was put up for sale.

The new owners started working in the house and found the ciruti bones hidden inside the walls, where its skeleton showed signs of animal disorder as well, the couple who had previously bought the house did not sleep, as the mystery loomed over that issue, and last March, the authorities announced that Cerruti had fallen Most likely through the broken upper floorboard and become trapped in the wall.

5- The case of Natasha Kampush – Austria

Natasha Kampuch was kidnapped when she was 10 years old by Wolfgang Priklopil, who raped her and lived in isolation in an underground cellar, and at the age of 18, Kampuch managed to get out on August 23, 2006, and was found near Vienna, but after the young woman escaped, he committed suicide Priklopil throws himself under the train, and because she has contracted Stockholm Syndrome in which the kidnapped victim feels connected to the perpetrator, she bought the house where she was kidnapped and still visits from time to time.

6- The corpses house – Japan

Late last year, police found 9 bodies in a house in the suburbs of Tokyo.The bodies were mutilated, decapitated, and piled into cardboard boxes, and the suspected killer, 27, was using a controversially usable technique to cover the odor.

When investigating the disappearance of a 23-year-old woman, investigators linked her to home workers, as the missing woman contacted the man through social media, while she was looking for someone for a suicide agreement, and in the end the two were arrested by security cameras outside train stations. Near flat horror.

The horror is not only in ghosts and haunted spirits. Imagine you are living in a house where a murder happened before or you discovered a corpse inside, most likely you will run away and not enter it again.

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