Ten terrifying places around the world

If you have the courage and daring enough to face ghosts or even see them from afar, join us today on our exciting tour among the ten most terrifying places you can visit around the world, just hold your breath and hold your nerves and make your decision to visit one of those places during your next trip.

Okigahara Forest, Mount Fuji, Japan

Okigahara forest, also known as the suicide forest, is located in northwestern Mount Fuji in Japan, and it is the most popular place for suicide in the world after the Golden Gate Bridge. Approximately 100 people a year head to this forest, but they never return from it, even if you walk among its trees The towering, which leaves awe in the soul, you will see the human skulls and scattered bones as if you are one of the heroes of scary horror movies, so do you dare to visit it alone one day?

Island of the Dolls, Mexico

As you walk on the Mexican Dolls Island, you will feel as if you are under surveillance at all times, because you are here among the ten most terrifying places in the world, according to myths and farmers’ gossip, they are supposed to be haunted by those dolls scattered on tree branches that are said to stare to passersby through the channels opposite the island in a fashion. Fishy and scary.

Although this island is completely devoid of people, its inhabitants are a group of frightening dolls that a person named Don Julian Santana collected and published in this exciting way, as it is said that on one of his visits to the island he found the body of the girl who died in the past on the island floating in one of the Channels, and when he tried to extract it, he found it just a doll and not a real corpse of the child, so he realized that what he saw was a ghost of the child, and from this day he left his family and lived alone on the island and took it upon himself to decorate the island with these dolls, and it is said that he was trading the vegetables and fruits that he used to grow on the island in exchange for any One of the dolls that he thought would drive away the spirit that pursued him until he died and was found drowned in the same place where he had seen the body of the child before.


Union Cemetery, Connecticut, USA

Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut is not the most feared cemetery in the state of Connecticut. Rather, many observers consider it the most feared and terrifying cemetery in the United States, and one of the ten most terrifying places in the world, and if you are strong in confrontation, there is a ghost that appears there of a woman wearing a white dress: The most visible among other ghosts, and many photographers were able to take some pictures of her, so she often appears on the public road, as she appeared to a firefighter in 1993, and he saw a farmer passing near the cemetery, a woman wearing a straw hat sitting next to him in the car, and for this it is secured Cemetery by the police at night.

Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England

Raynham Hall is found in a country house in Norfolk, England, and dates back 300 years, and the hall was famous for being the most terrifying place in all times, given that in 1936 a photographer took a picture of the room in which the ghost of Mrs. Raynham, who was living in the room, appeared on the order of her husband, who He prevented her from going out until she died until her ghost appeared as she was going down the stairs.

Abandoned military hospital, Belitz-Helstatin Hospital, Germany

The Belitz Heilstein Hospital in Germany, which was built at the end of the 1800’s, is famous for its frightening scenes and its horror-covered walls, so that you will hold your breath just by passing through the tools in it, and it is the place where Adolf Hitler received treatment after wounding his leg in battle Somme in 1916, and the hospital remained under the military rule of the Soviet Union until 1995.

Catacombs, Paris

Imagine yourself inside one of the large boxes filled with the bones of the dead, this is what can be achieved when you visit the catacombs in Paris, which is the cemetery of about 6 million corpses collected in this place in 1787, there you will see the skeletons dug between the walls around you everywhere, In fact, if you are a person of weak heart, we do not recommend that you visit this place whose walls consist of the bones of the dead and human skulls.


Toll Singh Museum, Cambodia

Tuol Senig Museum in Cambodia was an old secondary school, but it turned later in the era of the Khmer Rouge into a large prison in which about 1,700 people were imprisoned, only 12 people were left alive, and the ghosts of these dead are said to appear in the museum at night, Therefore, a visit there in the day may be possible, but making this decision during the night, you have to think more than once.

Highgate Cemetery in London

This frightening cemetery was built in 1839, but later it was neglected until it turned into a spot that only ghosts visited, so many assert that the cemetery now appears in it wandering ghosts all the time and even hear their voices echoing in the place, and the most famous ghosts that appeared were a man Tall wears a long cloak and hat with a terrifying look, and other various characters with glowing eyes are alarming.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

When you visit some of the rooms in the famous Edinburgh Castle, you will feel a sudden drop in temperatures with the sensing of a person passing next to you, this is confirmed by many of the visitors who saw with their eyes ghosts wandering around the castle, some of them beheaded and others of women and workers who used to work in the castle in the past until it was classified As one of the ten most terrifying places in the world.

London Tower

Yes, we are talking about the Tower of London, which is the famous historical monument in the city center on the northern bank of the Thames, but on this list it comes as one of the ten most terrifying places you can visit around the world, as this castle has witnessed many murders and torture, so that many have seen ghosts She wanders around and looks out from the windows inside the castle, and perhaps the most famous ghost is the spirit of Anne Boleyn, one of the wives of Henry VIII, who was also beheaded inside the tower in 1536, and her ghost is said to have been spotted on many occasions carrying her head.

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