6 Types of food sources you should know

What is food?

Food is the primary energy entry point for the human body because it contains all the nutrients it needs, and food consists of food and drink that help the body to grow properly and also protect the body from many diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stomach disorders and tooth decay, and it also helps protect A person is prevented from constipation and overweight, and it also helps him to carry out his daily duties with the necessary activity and vitality.

Scientists have divided the food sources that provide the body with energy into several groups, namely:





Milk and dairy products.

Energy supplements.

Each of these groups contains a number of nutrients that the body needs, but it is worth noting that it is impossible to collect all the nutrients in one group, so you should not neglect one of these groups until you provide your body with the required nutrients.

Food resources

The body obtains food resources from six main sources, and we will detail them as follows:



The body gets its needs of proteins from two important sources, the first is vegetable protein such as beans, lentils, and chickpeas, and the second is animal protein such as red meat, fish and milk and its derivatives such as cheese and others, and proteins have a great role in building the human body as they are:

It greatly helps in building the body and making cells, stimulates muscle growth, and repairs damaged cells.

It also plays a role in the formation of human body parts, especially bones and blood.


There are many sources from which you can derive your carbohydrate needs, such as honey, sugar, pasta, sweets, rice, jam and others, and carbohydrates have many benefits such as:

One of the most important sources of energy in the human body.

It works to burn protein and fatty substances in the body.

Metal materials

Mineral materials are one of the main components of the human body, and they are one of the elements of red blood cells and tissues, white blood cells, glands and muscles as well, making them one of the main food sources for humans.


Fats have two of the main sources that humans can obtain from them, such as: animal sources such as ghee and butter, and vegetable sources such as sesame oil, corn oil, and olive oil.

The great importance of fats comes in that they are an essential source of energy, if taken in a reasonable amount, as they should not be over-eaten because they may cause excessive weight gain and may result in problems with blood vessels and heart disease.



The lack of vitamins in the human body may cause many of the problems that we are indispensable for, as they are a main and essential source of energy and food in the human body, and you can obtain them from several sources such as fresh vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes and avocados, in addition to the abundance of vitamins in animal sources such as fish.

It should be noted that there are many people who suffer from a lack of vitamins due to several factors:

Dependence on a specific type of food, as you must diversify the types of meals.

Food not cooked well.

Infection with some types of diseases such as diseases of the digestive system, liver, and others.


Much people may overlook the importance of water as a main source of energy, as it is extremely important to the body as it is one of the main components of cells and blood. It also helps greatly in getting rid of the waste in the human body by dissolving it and expelling it through urine or sweat, in addition to maintaining a moderate body temperature.