10 Most dangerous pets in the world

We love pets and we want them to be one in our homes, pets can be beautiful, and fun when they are quiet.

Humans own pets for many reasons, including pleasure, luxury, and affluence.

The Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” presented a list of the 10 most dangerous pets in the world, and based its choice of these animals on whether they were seen killing or attacking humans. Here is a list of the 10 most dangerous pets in the world.

10 – monkeys

More than 230 people were exposed in 1990, including 70 children who were attacked by monkeys in the United States.

Monkeys are very dangerous because they can attack humans with their teeth, due to their wild nature, and the rate of causing harm from them is very high.

It is said that monkeys, especially the black monkey, are among the best pets. This is the type used by a blind organization in America with their teeth removed, and it trains them to help the handicapped.

9 – the giant lizard

It is a lizard usually found in New Guinea, and is famous in the world for being the largest and longest lizard you can see with a length of 13 feet, and some keep it as a pet at home.

They are known to be very aggressive, and seriously harm humans, and keeping them as a household pet needs to be reconsidered.

8 – snakes

There are pet snakes, one of them is (the corn snake) which is known as the most popular pet snake in the world. And snakes like dogs can be calm with their owners, but the scary part is that they grow large and can later become very dangerous.

Snakes reach a length of 182 cm, and can live to the age of 28 years.

7 – Scorpions

You might say, “Is there anyone on earth that keeps a scorpion as a pet?” No surprise, because some people keep scorpions like pets. They are sold in stores to cater to humans who want to be “different”.

6 – Black

According to Wikipedia, “lions are one of the big cats,” and their ages in the wild range from 10 to 14 years.

And some people keep lions like pets in their homes just to prove how strong, healthy, and wealthy they are.

These big cats weigh 420 lbs, and were born to be predators with sharp claws and strong teeth. They are wild animals and may attack at any time.

5 – dogs

The dog is the most popular pet in the world, as it can be a loyal companion, and the best friend of its owner and his family, but this does not mean that all dogs remain pets always.

4 – tigers

According to the Humane Society of the United States, the number of tigers owned by families in the United States is roughly equal to all of the tigers that live in the wild.

The association estimates that between 5,000 to 7,000 tigers live with families in the United States, which means that they are really pets. But is this true?

3 – Bears

Yes, people keep bears like pets in their homes, and bears come before big cats because of their intelligence, ingenuity, insatiable, and opportunistic nature, so it is in their best interest to approach humans, including breaking into their homes.

Although some people think that it can be easily tamed, the real reality is that a bear has always been a bear, and it is very dangerous to keep it like a pet.

2 – Chimpanzee

Number one on the list is the chimpanzee, it is a very aggressive animal that can be killed in seconds, and there are many incidents of chimpanzee attacks on humans due to keeping them like pets.

Despite all the attacks and accidents, some people still keep them as a pet at home.

1 – Elephants

Even when not attacking on purpose, elephants are large enough to harm people by accident, which is why not only specialists deal with them. When you have an animal as large as an elephant, panic occurs, and it can harm or kill anyone at close range.

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